Inspired by the 20th century construction, we’re committed to delivering a high distinctive quality of construction to the owner and the end user. HIGH RISE BUILDING CONTRACTING L.L.C. specialized in Main Contracting has been able to achieve an excellent reputation in the construction market. Our depth of experience and detailed industry knowledge enables us to identify construction measures at their source.

Our professional and innovative team has been guided by HRBC’s philosophy of delivering a place to the highest quality & within the time scale set for the project. Our ultimate objective is to add value and raise standards of all kinds of projects. HRBC offers a full construction service from Hard landscaping all the way to full and complete execution of the project. We work from the construction of a building to interior detailing and fit out works. We can manage and construct a project of any size.

M/s High Rise Building Contracting Co. LLC. is backed up with a substantial labor force of skilled workers and professional staff. The individuals at all positions are highly qualified and experienced mainly in the U.A.E. markets to carry out projects to the utmost satisfaction of our clients. Employee involvement at every level is considered a major component in meeting the goals and objectives of the company. Our work force represents an exemplar of an all-inclusive package of program and services which creates and leads to high quality results which is catered to all individuals and companies throughout the U.A.E. We provide our staff and labor force with high potential environments to give them an incentive on achieving the ultimate. We are ready to carry on the most difficult and delicate projects at all times.

Our main objective is to meet our client requirements in a diminutive duration without compromising an international quality standard. Our goal is to gain trust and confidence and provide high satisfaction towards the end result.

M/s High Rise Building Contracting Co. LLC. is a promising leading construction company that holds well trained, professional and inventive management, staff and skilled workers. We work with full confidence towards the success of the company.



HIGH RISE BLDG CONT. CO. is committed to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all its employee and visitors.

In Order to achieve this High Rise Bldg. Cont. Co.  will ensure that all levels of management and employees understand and accept their health and safety responsibilities and are accountable for those matters within their control.

HIGH RISE BLDG CONT. CO. will commit sufficient resources for the effective implementation of safety management system in all areas of operation, promptly report and investigate all accidents and incidents and apply appropriate corrective action. We will ensure that specific health and safety requirements of clients are implemented.

Management accepts responsibility for the effective implementation of this policy and will provide systems, training supervision and support to ensure a safe work environment.

HIGH RISE BLDG CONT. CO. considers their employees to be their greatest asset and to assist in their protection will provide occupational rehabilitation for any employee who sustains an injury at work.

In the event of injury the following steps will be implemented:


The following procedure will be applied to all High Rise Bldg. Cont. Co. staff in the event that the requirements of this safety policy are not met.

Stage 1:
The offending worker or workers involved will be given a verbal warning and will be retrained in the activity for which they are being warned.

Stage 2:
If a violation is made within twelve weeks of first warning, a written warning will be issued to the offender.

Stage 3:
If a further violation is made within twelve weeks of the second warning, the offending person will be fined.

Stage 4:
If the violation is repeated for the fourth time, with in twelve weeks after the fine, the worker will be terminated from work.

Training will be provided for the following:


HIGH RISE BLDG CONT. CO. has its well-established quality control procedures to maintain its leading edge in the highly competitive market of the UAE.
This document is a brief description of High Rise Bldg. Cont. Co. quality control system and procedure in general.

Quality Assurance Administration:
The major functions of procurement quality assurance include:
Vendor & Purchasing Liaison
Vendor Q/A Requirements

Vendor Survey                                                                                 

Inspection Planning & Controls

Vendor Rating & Certification
Incoming QC Support
Component Qualification
Purchased Material Control
Control of Non-Conforming Material
Source Inspection

This staff function is responsible for the establishment control and
monitoring of all Quality Assurance documentation and quality statistics.
The major function includes:

Q/A Manual
Operation Procedure
Organization Chart
Failure Reporting System
Failure Data Storage & Retrieval        

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